Anybody willing to help a n00b out with a few questions?

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Anybody willing to help a n00b out with a few questions?

I am currently using a WRT-54G but I am planning to hook that up to my xbox 360 as a wireless bridge, and purchase a new wireless N route.

 I currently have cable internet with a speed of 15Mbps.

I will be using the router to send out a wireless connection to 2 computers (1 N, 1 G), and a wired connection to 2 more computers.

 1) What is the best wireless N router preferably under $100.

 2) What is an "open source router?"

3) Is it better to (speed wise)

A) Send out both wireless G/N signals (only 1 of my computers has a N connection) or

B) Send out only a wireless N connection, and hook up my netgear lan router and run the other wireless G router off of that? 

4) Will it slow my router down if I hook up other routers to it?




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1) Look for a router that has

1) Look for a router that has Gig Ethernet-this will help with your wired connection
2) Open source routers-you probably mean a router that has open source firmware on it-this would be the likes of DD-WRT,Tomato or OpenWRT. This firmware definetly improves bog standard routers-but you need to know what you are doing
3) Yes-but you'll still be limited by your 15Mb/sec cable speed-so N will only help you if your are streaming HD movies or transferring large files around the house
A) N type routers are backward compatible with G devices, but not the other way
B)Your set up wont work if you only send out an N-type signal-will need to be mixed (N & G)
C) Hooking routers up to routers will only work if you turn one of them into a switch or run static routes/a dynamic routing protocol (RIP/RIP2).And you can only have one DHCP server running as well


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lol damn I thought I had a

lol damn I thought I had a fast connection.. Theres only one speed higher and that costs like $100 a month.
So I wont get faster download rates if I get a N router?

can you recommend any routers?

and by B I meant if I buy a new N router, and only send out a wireless N signal from it, but hook up wireless G router up to it via ethernet will I get better speeds then if I send out mixed g & n signals from the wireless N router

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You are in the US and I'm in

You are in the US and I'm in the UK so I dont know what ones you have over there-I like the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 but it aint N.
Honestly, unless you are doing huge transfers around the house, you dont need an N router-just get a G and save some bucks. The N type devices will work with a G router as they are backwards compatible.Also,I think by what you want, you only need one router, not two.Having two will only complicate your setup



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The Asus RT-N16 is the best N

The Asus RT-N16 is the best N router for around $100 USD, it's supported by DD-WRT and has 32 megabytes of flash and 128 megabytes of ram.