Anyone running Tomato v138 by Shibby on R6300v1?

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Anyone running Tomato v138 by Shibby on R6300v1?

I've tried to get in touch with Shibby regarding his Tomato versions for the Netgear R6300v1 but unfortunately he doesn't reply or isn't receiving notifications for PM's so I'll just post my questions here, hoping anyone can help me out.

I've been running until recently dd-wrt for quite some time, switched to another ISP and ran into some speed related issues, which made me temporarily revert to the latest R6300v1 stock firmware by request of an ISP technician, to rule out that the issues where related to the dd-wrt build I was using (v24-sp2 (10/06/14) kongac (SVN revision 25015M-SP1)). The issues where resolved, even though it's still unclear whether they were dd-wrt related as my ISP has changed some things on their side as well. As I'm running on stock firmware now, I thought I might give Tomato a try as well, as it appears to be a popular alternative and I'm always looking for new something new to try.

I've found out that Shibby is still releasing builds for the R6300v1 and found this: 

 Even the latest release (138-multiwan) has a specific build for the R6300v1: which I would really like to give a tty.

First question: All the prior builds are marked PL or EN which I assume is the language used in the build. 138 has no country or language code in it. Is  English or multilanguage or ...? Or should I install v137, marked EN to be sure?

Second (and most important) question: what's the proper way to install Tomato by Shibby on a Netgear 6300v1? I've been searching for over a week now, but can't find any installation instructions. I did find a video, I think it was  made by Shibby, intalling Tomato on an R7000. f I recall correctly, but it's installed directly from the upgrade menu in the stock Netgear Genie interface, As I'm used to dd-wrt I normally follow the instructions on the dd-wrt  wiki page and the so called peacockthread over at the dd-wrt forum, including the 30/30/30 reset, but I cant find any (complete) info right way to install Tomato on this router. How does one install this firmware on my R6300v1? Please be as detailed as possible, as I really don't want to brick my precious R6300v1 (and I can't afford a new router) and wireless speeds on the router provided by my ISP are dreadful and the range is way too limiited. Is there any image to flasb prior to installing the latest version, like mentioned in the changelog for an r6300v2 build. As you can see, even though I flashed many routers with dd-wrt over the past years, Iḿ actually confuded how to switch to Tomato by Shibby.

Can some explain it to me or at least point me in the right direcion?

Your help is truly appreciated! 

Best regards, 







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Did you ever figure this out?

Did you ever figure this out? And did your speeds improve? From my understanding only stock firmware supports Hardware NAT, any kind of 3rd party/open source firmware will only do Software NAT due to there being no open source for the Hardware NAT. This severely throttles throughput and only way around it is to run stock firmware.

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No, unfortunately not, at

No, unfortunately not, at least not when it comes to switching to Tomato. I went back to dd-wrt and am currently running the latest Brainslayers release: DD-WRT v3.0-r31825 giga (04/06/17) on my R6300v1


As for the NAT-related info you posted, I wasn't aware of that, haven't heard about it before to be honest. Any source to that info?

The speed related issues were mostly resolved, they were caused by a misconfiguration on my ISP's side. Wired I can achieve maximum bandwidth that my ISP subscription offers (150Mbit down/15Mbit up). Wireless download speed is, and will probably always be, an issue as, even though I'm living in a small village, the neighbourhood is saturated with wireless routers and several Dutch ISP's offer free wifi hotspots for their customers, by providing access through a password proteced guest network on their routers, so basically every router in the neighbourhood is occuping at least two, and some even three or more channels (sigh), so I can't find a way to prevent having interference. No unused channels, (too) strong signals from every single house next and around me. Best results I'm gettng by sticking to auto channel selection, so my router can at least try to find a channel with less interference by itself. Should you find any other info, keep me posted wink

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Hi MarCoMLXXV - any issues

Hi MarCoMLXXV - any issues with that 31825 build ? I'm still running DD-WRT v24-sp2 from late 2014 and am mindful there must be a bunch of security and maybe also performance improvements in these later (albeit beta) builds...

I notice there's now also a 31899 build dated 6th April...

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@Top: I had no issues

@Top: I had no issues whatsoever. I updated to every new release a few days after the release date, to make sure there were no serious problems with it, without resetting, and never had any trouble with Brainslayers' builds. But, unfortunately, the power supply of my loyal R6300v1 died on me last week and I decided to buy a new router instead of an expensive replacement power supply. So, currently happily running an ASUS RT-AC68U which I was able to get with a great discount, running with Asuswrt-Merlin installed, and that's a pleasant surprise... so unfortunately I can't give you any feedback on recently released builds. I think you mean April 24th btw, 31825 was released April 6th and was my last dd-wrt build.Just give it a try, you can always go back to previous build, but given the age of the build you're running now, it's about time for an upgrade...

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Thanks Marco - have been

Thanks Marco - have been waiting for an official updated build for quite some time - I was not aware that the beta builds were available nor as stable as they apparently are and only stumbled on them when perusing the 6300v1 install guide. Perhaps this should be flagged as a sticky in the 6300 section, and/or they could declare a new official build for the 6300v1 based on one of the more recent betas.

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Did anyone this thread happen

Did anyone this thread happen to find the initial image needed to flash tomato on an R6300v1?

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what i did on my  R6300 v1 

what i did on my  R6300 v1  was from stock firmware i flashed DDWRT, logged into DDWRT then NVRAM RESET and then flashed Tomato (from the ddwrt web gui) and then waited about 5 mins and then NVRAM reset and everything works good so far on tamato

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Would someone please link the

Would someone please link the initial image.  I have been looking for quite some time and have yet to find anything in regards to the v1.

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How would i get started to

How would i get started to place manuf firm with this third party do the link above show the latest of the firmware your running and how do i burn the firmware in my r6300v1? 

Thanks in advanced.

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My goal is to secure my

My goal is to secure my private proxy now exposed to pulic hoping these third party firms would allow me to turn my internal home http proxy into ability to password external access anyone know if they support anytype of advanced port passwording etc? also would like to run vpn directly from the router instead of stinking netgears retail firm require a dedicated pc in our internal home subnet running the vpn software on the pc which it would inturn redirect traffic etc..

Thanks in advanced for any input or directs including links