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Is anything cooking?

If so, I would love to see some sort of ipv6 firewall and support for 6in4 tunnels ( uses them).  Been faking it with the 6rd option.  Seems to work well, gets right to the server behind my R8500 (I've used both /64 and /48 spaces), and can connect to several of the services I'm running.  I can set up per box firewalls, but would like to be able to choose entry by ipv6 address and port number at the router, rather than box by box.

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You should check out Kong's

You should check out Kong's Builds for R8500:


I am using K3-R28600M on R8000 and can say that his builds are solid since 27775.  Everything seems to work including VLAN Trunking and VLAN Virtual SSID binding behind Routers.