Asus-Merlin-KoolShare for R8000

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Asus-Merlin-KoolShare for R8000

Hello guys,

I have been impressed by the Asus-Merlin FW and was looking for something like it for the R8000. I have found only one FW for the R7000 by Merlin.

I continue searching till I found the below by KoolShare:

I tried it and it is working fine on the R8000. Capabilities and performance outstands the official Gennie FW.

However, I am not sure if I can trust KoolShare or not.

Do you have any info about?


Best Regards

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I try to install it on

I try to install it on firmware: V1.0.3.46_1.1.32 but it failed to restore.Any info?Should I install it on a previous version of Netgear stock firmware?

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I flashed it and this asus

I flashed it and this asus-merlin is great for my R8000.Better interface by all means.

In case Netgear creates a better UI in the future I will go back

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After tons of Wifi troubles

After tons of Wifi troubles with Kong and Shibby I decited to give this a shot. Been running now for 4 days and Zero Wifi issues. My Wifi is working as good if not better then defualt firmware for R8000. Seems rock solid.

Only thing im worried about is not know anything about KoolShare or not finding much for information about this version of merlins asus firmware. Does appear to work great tho.

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I tried DD-WRT but had

I tried DD-WRT but had connection issues with random devices disconnecting so went back to stock and then installed the Merlin from koolshare and has been working great so far. 

The other place I saw about this firmware for the R8000 was HERE. Seems that other's have used it but as many here posted there's not much information for the KoolShare. 

Can confirm like others that this has been stable and running good or better than Kong. Haven't tried Shibby. 


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