Availability of Open Source Firmware for Netgear D7000 Modem Router

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Availability of Open Source Firmware for Netgear D7000 Modem Router


Help Compile and Promote additional 3rd Party Resources and Support for Netgear's Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router. (D7000-100UKS)

This specific model is a 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit Modem/Router for the UK market and advertises itself as: 'Works with DSL ISPs like BT Infinity, TalkTalk Fibre and more' . I myself am using it with Plusnet's Unlimited Fibre Extra Subscription. 

After a bit of Googling and searching the normal sources of Information (openwrt.org / dd-wrt.com etc.) I get the impression there currently isin't much Information or Community activity focusing on this particular model. I'm wondering why this might be, I mean it's only an R7000 with a A/DSL Modem built in... isin't it?
Does any one have any Ideas or resources they are willing to share? 

Thanks in advance.


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NB: Just to be clear this Topic is for the D7000 and NOT the R7000.

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I have D7000 (Europe) and the

I have D7000 (Europe) and the firmware is lacking features (or some features not good like QoS).

Would really appreciate a custom firmware for this device yes

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any updates regarding custom

any updates regarding custom firmware for d7000 

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only regular routers are

only regular routers are supported by 3rd party firmware. No modem+router combos and I'm not aware anyone working on something for these things

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thanks microchip its just

thanks microchip its just stock firmware completely unstable bufferbloat issue killing my connection and Qos not helping.

but didnt they release 3rd party firmware for D7800 modem-router combo!

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Any News on this topic???, i

Any News on this topic???, i got a D7000 as payment for a job and i was very happy about it thinking it was an R7000.  i font care losing the modem part, ayone knows if can install a R7000 firmware in this hardware?


thanks in advance

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it's possibile to flash a

it's possibile to flash a firmware on d7000 with openwrt firmwared7800?


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Hi, I am also looking for an

Hi, I am also looking for an alternative firmware for this  router I just bought in Australia. I wanted to replace the combo of ADSL modem (Huawei) + router (Asus AC66U) with this one which has both modem and router both built in. I thought this would be better than the previous one but for my surprise I do not have all of the features nor stability I had with the previous combo. The DDNS is not usable, I configured the first day and was only availabable for the first day, and then never again, so I can't use DDNS and thus can't use my IP Camera, nor the VPN that has buit in. I wanted to change the DDNS but I found that there are only 2 providers they allow you to use (No-ip and Dyndns.org and Netgear which seems to depend on No-ip). It would be good If they allow you to use other providers such as https://freedns.afraid.org . I contacted NETGEAR Support but they insisted me on using the public IP or contacting No-ip service. Hope they hear us and fix/support the issues listed here.

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Hi again, Is anyone

Hi again, Is anyone experiencing  connection  issues? From time to time I have to reboot the router in order to conect again either through wifi or wired. The strange thing is that I can see the Wifi SSID broadcasted but can't  connect with any device (nor cellphones, nor laptops). If anyone is experiencing the same  issue, please let me know, I need to know if this issue happens only to me or if there is anyone else. I have just opened a ticket regarding the DDNS issue shown above and today had  expanded it by adding this issue also.

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there seems to be a git

there seems to be a git project tot keep in track




it looks to make a good quality jump with qos scripts from cerowrt and else

there seems also a sort of repository to install features with opkg

don know if there would be also a firmware image