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Back to original firmware


 today I got my Netgear WNR3500L, so I decided to try another operating system and downloaded OpenWRT from here. Now the problem is, that I have to change the MAC-Adress, but this is not possible in X-WRT (webif). So I tried to connect via SSH, but I could not. The problem is that OpenSSH-Server is not installed. So I tried to install id via X-WRT, but that was not possible.

 So, what should I do now - no ssh, no ability to install it, no ability to upgrade OpenWRT. After that I decided to upgrade back to the original firmware. So I downloaded the *.chk-file from and clicked on "System-Upgrade" in OpenWrt, selected the firmware file and clicked on "upgrade". And nothing happend. After searching google for hours, I found out that OpenWRT only supports trx-files.

 So at the moment, I have a route with a firmware which does not allow the things I want to do and there is no possibility to get back to original firmware.

If would work and I could use OpenWRT with all advantages, it would be great. But at the moment I would be lucky if someone would have a solution to get the original firmware back on the device.



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This thread might help, I

This thread might help, I went from the DD-WRT back to the original firmware using the instructions posted;

Brandon C
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Is telnet turned on? Can you

Is telnet turned on? Can you get to it from there?

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Thanks for your replies. No,

Thanks for your replies. No, I can't get a telnet connection. The problem is that i get not asked for a username or password and telnet returns "Login failed". But telnet could be an option to keep the router running with OpenWRT.

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Thank you, I cleared the

Thank you, I cleared the browser cache and tried it again and it worked.
As you say, you would provide newer versions of OpenWRT, that would be great. I have no problem to work in a shell over ssh and the web-interface of the version I have tried does not provide the options i need to use it in my network.