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Bandwidth cut in half


I have Gigabit internet service and generally get very close to 1 GB download, 970Mbps and higher, with factory firmware.

I have tried several versions of ddwrt. The only problem I have is that I get 50% of my bandwidth at best with any version of the firmware.

All settings are default except SSID and wireless security.



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I have the save problem with my wndr4300 netgear router.

Did you find a solution ?

I've tried only the firmware from dd-wrt.



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Hmm... does anyone find the

Hmm... does anyone find the solution?

I also have a gigabit

I also have a gigabit internet service prior to flasing dd-wrtK3_8000.chk i was getting around 960mb on lan (hard wired) after dd-wrt flash i am getting around 400mb. Any ideas/solutions for this?

I went back to netgear R8000

I went back to netgear R8000-V1.0.3.46_1.1.32 and all is well again I get 960Mb speed. I hope Kong can  tell us if this an issue or an expected outcome with dd-wrt. I am hoping it can be fixed. I really liked the options that come with dd-wrt especially VPN client.

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R8500. Gigabit FiOS.

R8500. Gigabit FiOS. Netgear FW I get around 500 Mbps on wifi with the combined 5 Ghz band. Kong DDWRT I don't yet see where to combine the bands, but so far I'm getting about 110 Mbps on the not merged 5GHz bands on my laptop and cell. I did enable stuff like fairness, etc, so I'm reasonably sure I caused a lot of the degradation. Still testing and tuning. Pages feel like they appear a lot faster, even if tests are a lot lower.

FWIW, wifi to my 8500 behind the FiOS router gets 110 MB up and down. Wifi directly to the FiOS router gets 250 Mbps on my cell. Haven't tested laptop to FiOS router directly yet.

I *really* wish there was a good, solid, modern/current doc for configuring DDWRT today. I know I could do better if there was, or at list be satisfied with some of the trade offs I'm making.

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110 Mb, not MB. Auto correct

110 Mb, not MB. Auto correct on this phone is pretty aggressive.

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I am having this same issue

I am having this same issue on my R8000 router. Just setup and installed Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r32170M kongac (06/11/17). I have google fiber 1GB up/down and am now getting around 300-400mb up/down.... Any updates or updated releases coming soon?