Bandwidth monitor per mac address (R7000+) [and more]

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Bandwidth monitor per mac address (R7000+) [and more]

I'm currently running the Netgear R7000 on netgear's default firmware (Tried DD-WRT for a while, was too buggy on the R7000, maybe will reinstall in the future when it's polished up) and the one thing I want out of netgear is a bandwith monitor that not just tells me my total WAN download/upload but more in-depth like how much up/down each mac connected to my network uses.

When I ran DD-WRT I installed a simple script and it did just that!

Showed me how much my desktop, iptv, mom's laptop, voip modem, and etc was using -- not just total wan.

Problem is with the R7000 + dd-wrt it's too unstable and lowers performance so I switched back to netgears stable firmware.


I don't see why not have a indepth bandwith monitor? Would only make things better.


That's my main suggestion, my second suggestion is better guest-wifi control. 
I'd like to run a guest wifi but limit their ports to only 80 and 443, max connections to 50 TCP 25 UDP, and no uPnP or P2P, completely isolated from my network, my DHCP server for my main network is 192.168.1.x and for guests I'd like it to be 192.168.2.x (So there's an obvious difference)

With DD-WRT you are able to achieve all that (Not on the R7000 because it's still not fully supporting the hardware) but something netgear should have.


We're not all noobs here netgear, and just becase your firmware is opensoruce doesn't mean it's simple to add things to it.


Thank you!