Bandwidth monitoring per IP and download/upload usage quotas?

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Bandwidth monitoring per IP and download/upload usage quotas?


I have a NetGear WNR3500L, and I was wondering if anybody here knew how to monitor bandwidth usage per IP, and implement some kind of download/upload quotas on it?

The Gargoyle series of ROMS ( support this feature, however, they, and OpenWRT in general doesn't seem to work on the WNR3500L.

There's also wrtbwmon (, but that hasn't been updated since July 2010 and doesn't allow enforcing any kind of limits, it simply collects statistics.

Likewise, ipt parse ( also collects statistics, but doesn't enforce any sorts of quotas, and doesn't have any concept of peak/offpeak usage.

Surely this isn't that strange of a use-case? It seems funny there isn't a ROM out there with this feature already baked in, but perhpaps I missed it in my searching? Would definitely appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction?



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Yes you can use Toastman's

Yes you can use Toastman's flavor here:  

Go in MIPS32R2 Kernel 2.6 (RT-N16 etc) Builds and you can use 1.28.7457 version, one of the six last ones (with USB) depending of what you want.

IP/MAC Bandwidth moitoring can be use alone or combined with standard QoS. In this version you have an addition, "Default Class rate/ceiling for unlisted IP's". You must have al your devices set to Static IP as KeithK mentionned.

In the current version you have a static ARP binding to avoid ARP spoofing. 

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Thanks to both of you for your replies =).

However, I'm looking at monitoring the amount of *data* each IP is transmitting, not the actual flow rate.

So for example, I'd like to limit each user to say, 10Gb of download/upload traffic per month. The use case for this is in Australia, we have quite stringent download/upload quotas per month, and if you exceed those, your speed is shaped to dialup speeds.

From what I can tell, not a single ROM for the WNR3500L has that feature.

The Gargoyle ROM does, however, it is based on OpenWRT, and OpenWRT doesn't seem to be officially supported, or work on the WNR3500L.

Any ideas?


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I heard ProteMAc Meter ( www

I heard ProteMAc Meter ( ) is a good app, anybody used it?

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Yes but the thread concerned

Yes but the thread concerned a feature (eventually an installable software through Optware) of the router itself to be able to define volume download quotas to connected computers, not a software to monitor network activity from a connected computer.

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Lots of (very expensive)

Lots of (very expensive) commercial routers have all of the features that you want. By way of free software, there are several that come close but I don't know of any that have have all of the various point & click QOS features as you want.

Tomato will let you enforce bandwidth (speed) quotas per IP. And IPT Parse has a nice GUI for monitoring per IP traffic. These two work well together. You could add per IP traffic quotas or on/off peak distinctions by adding some IP Table rules and dropping them into the firewall (script) tab of tomato. Not quite point & click, but it's not really hard to learn either. If per IP speed quotas will suffice, then it is already point + click for you.

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anony, I like the look of the

anony, I like the look of the IPT parse pages, but to be honest, I've had great trouble making this work. What version of firmware do you use it with, do you use the earlier method or the later SQL version, and did you integrate into tomato fully?

I'd really like to add this to Tomato, but properly integrated - no jumping through hoops! (LOL)

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I'm not sure why people want

I'm not sure why people want to offer throttling as a solution for quotas. Throttling is nearly useless for enforcing quotas. Case in point:

If the only option available to you is throttling bandwidth and your monthly quota is 50 gigabytes, a typical DSL connection would require that the router's maximum upload speed be set to about 50 kbps and the maximum download speed to about 98 kbps. Yes, that's about the speed of dial-up Internet access, but if someone's machine downloaded 24x7 at speeds any faster than that they would exceed your cap. This is why almost all router software available currently is a failure in terms of letting users manage their bandwidth.

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JonQ6pack, I have a similar

JonQ6pack, I have a similar use case to Victor, made even worse by the ISP charging heavily for usage over a monthly cap rather than simply dropping to dialup speeds. My use case doesn't include people in my household who would maliciously continue to download 24/7 at the slow speeds to work around a limit. If I could identify which person's machine is downloading more than usual and perhaps use automatic rate limiting of those who go over a quota to catch something unexpected before it blows out the monthly quota, that would be enough.

For me it isn't about throttling as a solution for enforcing quotas, it is about getting anything that will give me the information to enforce the quota myself before it is too late to do anything about it.

That said, I'll see if I can use IPT Parse,as even just the report without the throttling should be enough for me. Last night I replaced my ancient HyperWRT firmaware image with the latest Tomato-teaman thinking that it had the report I was looking for, but I don't find per-ip information there. I'll look up IPT Parse now.

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I had the same problem.

I had the same problem. Finally I found the solution in Teaman's version of Tomato (Download this: Teaman-ND-VLAN-SNMP-VPN-PPTPD-1.28.0023). In this version you'll see "IP traffic" in menu, that's the thing you are looking for. I'm using Linksys WRT54GL v1.1. Thanks.