Best way to restore settings *after* dd-wrt update?

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Best way to restore settings *after* dd-wrt update?

Hi all,

I am curious how most users restore custom router settings after they update their DD-WRT firmware?

The online documentation/guide for DD-WRT recommends that router should be reset to default settings after a firmware upgrade and that we should not restore from the settings file exported previulsy by the old firmware.

What this means to me is that users who have configured a lot of custom parameters in DD-WRT would need to re-enter all those configurations again after each update.

It would probabaly take me up to 20 to 30 minutes to re-type all my custom configurations.  Call me lazy but I would prefer not have to spend time re-enter configurations.

For many years, each time after I installed DD-WRT on a new router and enter my custom configurations, I almost never bother to update the firmware again unless the firmware has problems.

Any information on how to best restoring configurations after DD-WRT update would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Same question.  I've

Same question.  I've customised loads of things in my DD-WRT router, and some of the things took a lot of working out (ie, setting up IPVanish as OpenVPN Client and a nearly working but not there OpenVPN Server (can't get passed the router to see local network PCs - still working on it).  I'm putting off upgrading my R7800 to the latest version of Kong's builds as I don't want to spend forever re-typing stuff in and risk also doing something wrong or not working.  Restore from back-up makes sense but never quite sure if it would work.  However, do they if it ain't broke, don't fix it

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Is there a save configuration

Is there a save configuration to file feature located some where in the UI? If so, use this to save the routers configuration after you have set it all up. Then use this to load it back if you upgrade WRT FW. Some FW you might not have to load anything. I know with Voxels FW, it doesn't erase any settings.