Brand new wndr3800

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Brand new wndr3800

Hello, I'm new to this forum.  

Just received a notice from comcast that my existing modem will reach EOL om Dec 2.  

Ive been looking around for a replacement modem and wireless router.  I came across at what I believe is a great deal at Staplesfor a brand new wndr3800.  

I compared the specs against the wndr3400 and I was sold due to the gigabit connection in the 3800.  The price was also a big factor.  

Excited to find a great deal! 

did research user reviews and was very disappointed to read that more than half of users rated this router very poorly in terms of reliability of the wireless connectivity.  I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.  

I don't have the time to mess with firmware other than the regular set up process and the  occasional update.  

Im thinking I should return or sell the router and get a more reliable unit.  

Please advise..


thank you in advance for your feedback.  

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How has your experience with

How has your experience with it personally? You have to realize alot of times people write bad reviews because they themselves don't know how to configure a wireless router properly, call support - and support can't setup the router for them and then all the sudden its a 'horrible piece of hardware' and they won't ever buy that brand again.

The WNDR3800 is akin to the WNDR3700v2 - which i have, and the 3700v2 has been a great unit to me, but if you read on it, it gets horrible reviews, so learn to take some of that with a grain of salt.

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Thank you for responding.

Thank you for responding.

I actually returned the 3800. Solely based on the consistency of user feedback. Every review site i visited provided similar and consistent reports of this unit malfunctioning after 8 to 12 months. Dropped connections. having to reboot several time a day etc...

If it were not for the consistency of the complaints, I would have given the 3800 a chance. I don't have the time to mess with issues. I just want a plug and play unit which does what it's suppose to do.