Bricked - solid amber (orange) power LED (wrong fw)

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Bricked - solid amber (orange) power LED (wrong fw)

Hello community!

I have successfully flashed Tomato FW on my Netgear WNR3500Lv2. I decided to return to OFW, however I accidentally flashed WNR3500 instead of WNR3500L (downloaded from Netgear official WWW)...

I've read this article and couple of threads:

I've tried 30/30/30 resetting. I get 3 ping responses from router right after powering on. I've tried tftp but get timeout error all the time (I guess response window is too short).

So I guess I need USB-TTL cable and try to run TFTP mode on my router like in the article above? Shipment from Amazon en eBay would be pain in the ass to Poland, so I have to order from Allegro. This cable would be OK (it has to be 3,3V right)?


Regards and hoping for your help!