Briding R8000 with AT&T Uverse Motorola Gateway

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Briding R8000 with AT&T Uverse Motorola Gateway

I recently bought a Nighthawk X6 R8000 with the intent of installing it behind my Uverse Gateway.  I want the Nighthawk to handle all the routing for my internal network and wireless.  The only thing I want the Uverse gateway to do is serve up Uverse T.V.

I plan on setting up VPN on the Nighthawk as well so that all traffic (wired and wireless) goes through the VPN.  I also plan on hooking up a USB drive for network storage as well.

What I am running into is it appears the Uverse gateway is in no way friendly to bridging and most information I have found pertains to older 2Wire gateways and not the Motorola gateways.  I thought that in order to make things easy I would put the Nighthawk on a network.  When I first got the Nighthawk and hooked it up, I connected it to one of my switches and it immediately detected it was behind a router and set it to the network which was awesome, and it updated the firmware.

However, when I installed the DD-WRT firmware, that was all wiped out.  

So all of that to ask does anyone have some good instructions on how to configure the Uverse gateway and how to set up the Nighthawk?  I turned the wireless off on the Uverse Gateway.  I think I have to set the DHCP to just serve out one IP address then somehow configure a passthrough?  I want the Nighthawk to handle all of the Firewall work as well so I suppose I have to turn all of that off on the Uverse gateway as well?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Okay, I got it all figured

Okay, I got it all figured out.  Was not quite as difficult as I thought it would be, it was just some of the information I had regarding the Uverse Gateway and the configuration for DD-WRT was not entirely accurate.  I even got the NAS hooked up and working which was much easier to do.

The only thing I notice now is if I reboot the router, it does not keep the PPTP Passthrough enabled.  So I guess I will need a script of some kind to either make that permanent or to start the VPN service automatically upon reboot.

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Can you share what you

Can you share what you figured out to make it work?


I want to run a Netgear Nighthawk VPN Service behind my U-verse Arris NVG599.