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Build 52 Available

Build 52 - 10/15/2010

Changes common for kernel 2.4 and kernel 2.6 based builds:

  • Fixed WAN Up script not being executed (was broken in build 51).
  • Fixed obtaining DHCP lease from Corbina Beeline and possibly other ISPs (was broken in build 51).
  • Fixed DHCP renewal processing to not replace the default gateway and DNS servers for PPTP/L2TP connections.
  • Fixed errors in routing for PPTP/L2TP connections.
  • Added "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network" option for PPTP/L2TP connection types (turned on by default). Turn it off to use gateway obtained via DHCP for internet routing, and only use PPTP/L2TP gateway for VPN subnet (custom routing may be required in case if VPN network contains multiple subnets).
  • Resolve sporadic PPPoE disconnect issues with some ISPs.
  • Allow to configure custom TTL values in the Web GUI.
  • Make sure PPTP/L2TP is gracefully disconnected after firmware upgrades and after restoring configuration to prevent connection problems after reboot.
  • Size optimization of some large applications.
  • Software updates: PPTP kernel driver 0.8.5, Busybox 1.17.3.
  • Cosmetics.

Kernel 2.6-based builds only (beta23):

  • Fixed Mini build for Netgear routers with 4MB flash (WNR2000v2, WNR3500v2), removed RIPv1/v2 routing from Mini build due to Netgear size restrictions, added JFFS to Mini build to make use of some otherwise wasted flash space.
  • Fixed flashing all supported Netgear routers back to OEM firmware.
  • Media server: removed some rare and obsolete demuxers to reduce size, reduced MiniDLNA memory usage.
  • Minor backports from upstream 2.6 kernel.




When upgrading from build 51, you have a crc error message, but it has no impact, and upgrade is OK.


Some people seem to have DNS problem when custom settings are set in DNSMasq (see )

Brandon C
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My WNR3500 bricked after

My WNR3500 bricked after install of this update. I had to unbrick and go back to Beta 21.
Might have been a corrupt download so will download again and try later.
What router did you put it on?

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I only had CRC error message.