Can't access folder on USB stick

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Can't access folder on USB stick

I recently installed TomatoUSB (Shibby version 126) on my Nighthawk R7000 and everything seems to be working good.

I would like to use the IP Traffic Monitoring feature to store daily IP traffic logs on a SanDisk USB stick plugged into my Nighthawk.  However, I can't seem to access the custom folder I created (called "iptraffic") on the USB stick for storing these logs.  I keep getting the error message "Windows can not access \\UKNOWN\iptraffic" (see screenshot below) when I double-click on the folder in Windows Explorer.  I've rebooted the router several times but still no luck accessing this folder.

How do I get access to this custom shared folder?  I am able to access the "jffs" and "sda1" folders that were automatically created when I inserted my USB stick.

Here are some screenshots from Tomato GUI and Windows Explorer:


























Ole Juul
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Log in on the command line to

Log in on the command line to make it easier to see what's going on. Perhaps you don't have the right permissions. Also, plug the USB stick into a working computer to make sure it is working. I recently had a stick go bad while plugged into a WNR3500Lv2. I could read it, but not write to it. As it turns out I couldn't anywhere else either and the stick had gone into lock mode because it was damaged.