Cant get FTP to work

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Cant get FTP to work

Hi all,


I have just bought a R7000 (replacement for the Asus ac68U) and have the latest DD-WRT installed (build 26138). I got FTP all setup with user accounts, etc and samba is running well, but now FTP no longer works even though its activated. I have tried rebooting, restarting ftp and still no sucesss. Can anyone help?


Also, is there a way to ensure that the hard drive (connected via USB3) spins down after a period of time?

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FTP is working fine using the latest DD-WRT firmware(Revision 25344) with Tathagata's build. I have not found any notable issues.

Could you please elaborate the settings that you are running in DD-WRT firmware for the above issue mentioned?


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simple testftp://

simple test
Providing that this is your router address.
If it works then the problem is on your wan side.