Can't stay connected to the internet. Please help!

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Can't stay connected to the internet. Please help!

I recently switched from AT&T DSL to Cox Cable and had to get a new modem and a new router. My old Netopia was built for DSL so I found a Netgear MR814v2 that would take care of the DHCP chores and provide the bridge to the cable modem.  I have several other gigabit Netgear switches in my system as well. There are three GS116's in the  system handling a total of about 30 computers.

I find that under this new system my workstations won't stay connected for over a minute or so if there is no activity. I then have to use "repair" under WinXP SP3 to get back on the internet. That always works but I find myself, as well as other employees, doing this 10 or 15 times a day when it should be staying on all day long.

Can anyone think why this is happening and what we could do to stay permanantly connected?

I have a static IP at Cox and have all the IP information entered correctly into the router so I don't know why we can't stay connected.  Is my MR814v2 too old to cut the mustard?  What should I replace it with that will still act as a DHCP server for all my workstations?

Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Just a thought, but what if

Just a thought, but what if you setup a cron job in the router to ping some random site on the net. That way you always have activity to the internet. Its a sloppy fix, but it may work.

I'm assuming that if none of the 30 computers on the network are using the internet then it goes down for all. If some go down while others are up then that's a different issue and it seems more complicated.

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So, your router is staying

So, your router is staying connected ok, but the internal machines need to repair their connection all the time? It sounds like you maybe have another machine acting as DHCP server, and it's clashing. Check to see if that's the case.