CFE.BIN for WNR3500L

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CFE.BIN for WNR3500L


I'm trying to debrick my WNR3500L openrouter. It is the one with 8 MB of Flash and 64 of RAM (U12H136T99 LF).

I've JTAG (via tjtag 3.0.2-rc1) and serial connection with it.

By mistake, I've erased the whole flash (including CFE).

On the Internet (at dd-wrt forum) I've only found the CFE for WNR3500Lv2 (the one with 4MB of flash and 16 MB of RAM).

Router flashed with this CFE boots, but I cannot download the original firmware on it. Apparently I need CFE for WNR3500L not WNR3500Lv2

So, I'd like to ask for help. Can anyone provide CFE.BIN for WNR3500L router?

Maybe it would be worth to upload it on this page (like it is done with

WNR3500L-V1.0.2.50_31.1.25.chk file)?

Then anyone could download the CFE bootloader from the website.

I hope, that someone will help me :-) (If you have router like mine and serial/JTAG connection - YES you can help me :-))


Thanks in advance,


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You have all you need here

You have all you need here:
(search post from mild_pats_fan)

Direct download link:

The file downloadable in forum pages is complete, as there are CFE.BIN, NVRAM.BIN and a small instruction text.

It would be a good idea to put this in Download section here I agree.

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