Confused about Kong's FW and beta from DD-WRT website

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Confused about Kong's FW and beta from DD-WRT website

Dear all,


I am trying to find out what and if there are differences, between the Kong's firmware for the R9000 and the R9000 beta DD-WRt firmware that can be found in the DD-wrt website. But sofar I can't realy find a clear answer to this. As I can read in the forum DD-WRT Kong Mod Info, there he is talking that it is only regarding the K26 builds and that he is now developing for DD-WRT directly.


But does this means, that all Kong's build now are the same as on the DD-WRT website or still is there a difference? and if so, can I still update to DD-WRT version when I am used the Kong's IMG file and visa versa? Or do I then also switch to the correct IMG version?


And also if there is a difference, which one is the best for OpenVPN? And can anyone please explain to me what the differences are?

And another question, which kind of applets can I install directly on the DD-WRT thru the command line? Is that Netware or such??




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I don't know about th

I don't know about the differences and whether dd-wrt releases are going to be the same as Kong's.

however, I downloaded a few days ago the latest Kong FW from the R9000 page and put it on my router and it seems to be working with OVPN.

I have some issues with Samba however, but that could be a bug with the dd-wrt code. every time I enable Samba, the router goes down and needs a reboot to get the WAN link back up. it may be a known issue.