Connecting R8000 to R9000

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Connecting R8000 to R9000

Hi All

I have some issues with using 2 routers in my home network, firstly I have an R8000 using DD-WRT with Nord-VPN running....I want to use this router to connect to my R9000 currently running Netgear firmware, I have managed to complete all settings in the R8000....hopefully correctly, but I am struggling with the routing table entry in the R9000 router, can't seem to find or correctly enter the right info to get my R8000 through the R9000 to see the internet. I have followed som youtube vids but to no avail. Any info in the right direction would be appreciated, my last rtesort would be attempt putting DD-WRT onto the R9000 but as it's brand new I'm a little money worried I'll brick it




Thanks in advance.....or apologies if I'm doing this request in the wrong place