Considering this firmware but I have questions

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Considering this firmware but I have questions

The most important one is that I want to be SURE this will work for my router.  I ask this because I have checked several compatibility lists for the DD-WRT firmware and my router is not listed but I see it here in the forums.  I have a Netgear R6400 (AC1750) router.  Everywhere I look I see the lists jump from the R6300 to the R6700 or the R-series isn't listed at all.  Is this truly a compatible firmware?

The second question I have is in regards to access control which is, honestly, the primary reason I'm looking into this firmware.  The access controls are FAR too binary on the standard firmware.  What I need to be able to do is:

Set a schedule that will turn off the internet completely during a specific time frame.  HOWEVER, I want to whitelist several machines.  The stock firmware allows only ONE IP to be whitelisted.

Set filters to block particular pages or keywords.

Be able to override the active internet times on a per-machine basis.  (i.e. temporarily block a given machine by IP or MAC)

Will the firmware shown here allow me that kind of control?  I had a cheap linksys router that allowed all of this through the stock firmware and I got very spoiled.

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I think this link will help

I think this link will help you with the DD-WRT features...