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Custom DDNS
Hi guys I just wanted to share my settings with you all for
I do not have an external static IP address so I am faced with the problem of having an ever changing IP address. I wanted to connect remotely to the router via a domain name and started to look for free and working service. is not one of the more popular DDNS servers but it is free and I wanted to try it.
After numerous attempts at the settings I finally got t to work without the use of a script.
There is support for DDWRT and tomato on the site but personally I find it is limited.
You must go to and sign in with your Gmail account then use picture as a guide to get it to work.

If is is not working jsut change the option Do not use externat IP check.




Working settings for duckdns on DDWRT

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Firstly, thank you: I haven't

Firstly, thank you: I haven't found anywhere else that attempts to explain, simply, how to set up DuckDNS bearing in mind that one space out of place could make all the difference

I'm having great difficulties getting it to work. It might not be significant but my version of DDWRT does not offer the option to "Do not use external ip check"

1. My Google user name - is that my full Google email address, or just the part before

2. Now, if we say my token is abc-123456, and my domain name is, would you kindly show me exactly what to type in the URL box as it should appear, spaces and layout included? (I realise I'm assuming the requirements DDWRT and Open Router are the same.)

Thank you


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Using the info you gave try

Using the info you gave try this

DDNS Service  - Custom

DYNDNS Server -

Username - fred

Password - abc-123456

Hostname -



Force Update Interval - 1

I also have a sheduled reboot everday

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Thank you so much.   I

Thank you so much.   I realise you went to a lot of trouble to produce that screenshot for me and that picture was worth a thousand words.


I attach a screenshot after inputting your information.    I notice that, scrolling down to the DDNS Status section, the following is listed:


Thu May 22 21:04:27 2014: INADYN: Started 'INADYN Advanced version 1.96-ADV' - dynamic DNS updater. 
Thu May 22 21:04:27 2014: The request for IP server: 


It refers to and not   I wonder if this is some sort of snag in my version of DDWRT.      

I keep logging on to the DuckDNS websits and looking at my current ip, which remains out of date, and, given the above, it might be no wonder!

Any comments or ideas?

Once again, thanks for the trouble you went to in producing that excellent screenshot.







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Try a 30/30/30 reset and

Try a 30/30/30 reset and clear your browser cash before the reset.
do not configure anything else except the DDNS settings. test it with DDNS only.

I have read of some versions of DDWRT having glitches. you can try to upgrade of down grade your DDWRT versions
Question what is the model of router you are working with?
I see you are running the mini and you have not rebooted in 32 days.
After changing any major settings I always reboot. It wont hurt.

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Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind suggestions. Great idea about the reboot - I should have done that. Nevertheless, it didn't help. Also, I use Sandboxie, so every time I close the browser, the cache gets destroyed (and I did keep re-opening the browser). But thank you for the suggestion: that's just the sort of thing that could have given me a wrong impression.

My router is the Linksys WRT54GL. If you've read that some versions of DDWRT have glitches then that makes me think this is most likely to be the cause.

I'm not sure just yet if I will upgrade DDWRT; I don't like to be beaten by a problem, and it's always a great learning exercise, fixing a snag like this, but on the other hand having to go through all the router settings again makes me wonder if it's worth it.

Your generous help and screenshot of the exact text was invaluable in helping me eliminate the other possible causes of the problem.

Many thanks


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The WRT54GL is a 4 mb

The WRT54GL is a 4 mb
CPU: Broadcom BCM5452 at 200 MHz,
this is a real old model and I dont think there any going to be updates, you can try a compatible brainslayer build. I have an old WRT54G, it works ok but the limitations are there on older builds of DDWRT.

Would suggest upgrading your router, I am almost sure once you start using the many services on that router it will slow down your internet, would suggest looking with something with at least a 400mbz Broadcom processor 16mn flash by a 64 mb ram. With these minimum specks you can use the version marked nv60k of Kong builds
I have the Kong builds have eliminated many small glitches.

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It's working; I can even type my domain name into a browser after an ip change and get to my network.    
I looked specifically for posts about DDNS not working on DDWRT, and you were right: there have been many problems.    Checking through my log, though, the word "error" did not appear.  So, I went back to the DuckDNS web page and - stroke of luck - found the final link.   I had thought that my router updated the DuckDNS server, and the new IP address would appear automatically on my account page where it says "Current  ip", without any action by me.    I admit I had been clicking on the "update", button (out of frustration, to see if it helped), but finally I noticed that I could input into the ip address box.    So I deleted the out-of -date ip address, leaving the box blank, and then I clicked on "update", and, as if by magic, my true, current ip address appeared.      I hadn't realised there was a manual action required.    Nevertheless, I had tried No-ip, Afraid, and I even signed up for the free trial with DynDNS, and none of those worked for me.   I could not have got it working without that screenshot of yours.   Uing the info on the DuckDNS site for DDWRT setup, I'd tried putting "nobody"  in both the username and password boxes, although, given what I now know, perhaps that would now work., in which case I apologise if I have wasted your time.  

Now, as to your last post,  I came to DDWRT only about 4 months ago, and got the Linksys WRT54GL following advice on the DDWRT forum, because I was going round in circles: each  time I thought I'd found a suitable router, negative Amazon reviews concerning poor reliability by at least 10% of buyers put me off.   So I figured I'd learn on it and not be too upset if I bricked it, upgrading later.  But now I'd be apprehensive about upgrading the router  if only because DDWRT seems such a dog's breakfast.   I don't want to sound ungrateful to all the volunteers who've forgotten more than I'll ever know about networking, but there are so many different builds around and warnings about the dangers of using some of them as well as out-of-date router databases; it is extremely confusing, and despite reading a great deal beforehand, I still needed forum help to point me to the correct firmware file.   I suppose time is devoted to coding, and housekeeping falls by the wayside.     But I do take your point: when I see dates of around 2009 on the recommended firmware files,  I can't help feeling a little uneasy.

Thanks again for your invaluable help pulling me up the learning curve.  Perhaps helping me out of the crevices would be a better metaphor.