D7800 <R7000

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D7800 <R7000

I have just purchased the Nighthawk X4S D7800 router/moden and would eventually like to flash open source/custom firmware. The firmware is still in alpha stage, so I guess could be a while before it's at version 1 (or whatever would be considered 'very stable'). There appears to have been 150 downlaods of the D7800 firmware.

There does not seem to be a board for the D7800, so I thought I would post hear. What are your thoughts on these two models. Do you think it would be better to get the R7000 and a separate modem (in my case the Openreach white one) or stick with the D7800?

Does anyone know if further open source updates are in progress for the D7800? Is this model even a 'proper' OpenWRT router/modem? Internet searches talk about R7000 firmware flashing, but not D7800

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Its new and might take time.

Its new and might take time. Modem cum router is not easy unlike just router's to be modded.