dd-wrt 10509 to dd-wrt 10700 Questions

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dd-wrt 10509 to dd-wrt 10700 Questions

Smile Hello

I'm a new Netgear "WGR 614v8(ww) User from Germany.

Thanks the Community and Elko to the great Work to run dd-wrt on Netgear Opensource Router.


My simple Questions:

I have flashed my original Firmware to build dd-wrt.v24-10509_NEWD_std_small_wgr614v8-L.chk

How can i upgrade from build 10509 to dd-wrt.v24-10700_NEWD_std_small_wgr614v8-L.chk

The runing GUI Upgrade write: wrong fileformat.

Is the Suffix *.ckk not right for European (ww) Router?

What file from eko is correct for upgrade with the GUI?

Thanks a lot..

greetings teamworker







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Thanks Tim,

Thanks Tim,

one more Question:

What file suffix can i use for my 614v8 ww Router?
*.chk or *.bin

Can build 10776 new updates by the GUI?

Thanks for short Answer

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Ok, i try dd-wrt.v24-10700

Ok, i try dd-wrt.v24-10700_NEWD_std_small_wgr614v8-L.chk file with tftp on my European 614Lv8 ww Router.
Ok, reboot, pefect runing!

Then i load the dd-wrt.v24-10776_WGR614v8-L_std_small.bin with the Web GUI to upgrade.
sec..sec.. reboot, router runing in tftp-mode and stop at this point.

Can european WW (not NA) router really use the *.bin files for upgrades?

I put 10700.chk back with tftp and....ohhh....ok is runing ^^

Edit!....answer my self
I read from eko:
.bin files are for GUI upgrade once already running dd-wrt - but note that this doesn't work for European (WW) version - it will put router into tftp mode after reboot. Please use .chk file to tftp it in this case.

greetings teamworker