dd-wrt client bridge

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Viktor Mnk
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dd-wrt client bridge



i has a NETGEAR WNR3500Lv2 with DD-WRT (DDWRT_WNR3500Lv2_Support_Release_04-11-2012) (default, not compiled by myself).

This befor i had a LINKSYS Router with DD-WRT in a Client Bridge to my Speedport W701 V and now i want to configure the new router as a Client Bride.


But there is IDK what a problem...

I has troyed much different tutorials, has resettet the setting and troyed it again and aigain about hoers but nothing...


What i has tryed allready:

Configure LAN IP to the same network addr like my Speedport Router. (

Joining the Network (Status -> Wireless -> ...)

Configuring the "continued" wireless settings to Client Bridge with same settings like my Speedport Router and after it configuring the Security to my Speedport WLAN settings.

After it under Status -> Wireless there was no connection to my Speedport Router.

I has tryed same principe in different ways, but no result. Disable the security like Firewall and disable the DHCP Server doesn't help...


What can i do? Is there a bug? Should i put the NETGEAR router and smash him into a wall? :)

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Most likely you arenâ??t

Most likely you arenâ??t following all the steps
Do a 30x30x30 reset and try again(this real works)
Follow the steps on Client bridge tutorial carefully donâ??t click on apply until you are done
List the steps you are taking and compare them to the tutorials on Client Bridge.
My experience with this is extensive, I own 4 routers and I have no major problems with any on them using client bridge. If it doesnâ??t work downgrade to an early build and try again. If it still doesnâ??t work then you need to get someone else to do, I have been through this before the problem was I was continuously making the same mistakes. There are videos about this on youtube check it out.