DD-WRT Controller

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DD-WRT Controller

Greetings, I have been using dd-wrt for some time and I have been very pleased with how it works. However, I am to the point were DD-WRT has some very significant limitations. Namely the fact that I can't find a controller server to mange the devices. Just like Meraki, Aruba et.al have controllers that manage the devices, users, settings, and even off load the security such as Extreme networks, I have not been able to find any system that allows me to do this with DD-WRT. It would be nice to have my users roam from place-to-place without having to re-authenticate each time they happent to go to another physical AP. 

I say all that to find out if there is some sort of WLAN controller that I can use to centrally manage DD-WRT or OpenWRT AP's.