DD-WRT firmware Based on revision 28514 - Services / Static Leases

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DD-WRT firmware Based on revision 28514 - Services / Static Leases

Just installed the firmware based on rev 28514 dated Dec 28 2015. Seems stable and woking well except for static leases. When new leases are added, no info is shown. When a duplicate is created a message comes up showing a duplicate host name has been added, without givin the host name. It is rather tricky to add new leases later as it is impossible to see which one are set up already. Any advice to overcome this problem is greatly appreciated.

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Would you please elaborate

Would you please elaborate and let us know the set up and configuration you are using, so that we can have a try to solve the issue.



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I'm also having this issue.

I'm also having this issue. When you fill out the services>Static leases section fields (MAC address, Host name, IP Address and Client lease time - after saving the fields the only show up blank. This is after filling them out using the standard values for MAC address (00:00:00:00:00:00), host name matches that of the device and the desired IP address and also nothing to the client lease time as I want it permanent (I also tried adding random time alotments and that also did not work). I've tried rebooting the router to no avail. It is worth mentioning that when you fill out the fields after clicking the 'add' button it does seem to save the information input previously but it does not visibly show the fields filled out after saving or applying then rebooting. I have also tested this in IE, Chrome, firefox, safari and edge (all current versions) to no avail. Please assist.

Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r29440M kongac (04/19/16)
Kernel Version: 
Linux 3.10.101 #4 SMP Tue Apr 19 01:17:31 CEST 2016 armv7l
Router: Netgear R7000