DD-WRT Kong Problems and how I fixed them

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DD-WRT Kong Problems and how I fixed them

Wanted to post this in case it helps other.

I used Kongs DD-wrt build from Feb 02 / 2016

Problem: Strange Wifi behavio. Some devices won't connect, others get stupid slow speed, just general crappy wifi.

For all this I use a USB to TTL device to talk to the router it really makes life easy!


1a) Flashed back to Stock Firmware (using tftp). b) Loaded default settings. c) reboot
​2a) On the router nvram reset b) nvram commit c) reboot
​3a) Flashed DD-WRT Kong (using tftp). b) Loaded default settings c) reboot
4) repeat step 2a-c
​5) repea​t step 3a-c
​6) Configure as normal

I know this looks like at a lot for nothing but something was stuck in my router memory that was causing dd-wrt just to run like crap and I had read this on another forum and it worked great! I get much better coverage and through put now than my stock firmware


Problem: Naming SSID's all the same or even just the 2 5g channels causes strange wifi behavior

Fix: Make sure EACH antenna has it's own SSID. ie myHome, myHome-5g1 and myHome-5g2 . as of this writing Smart Connect is not supported in dd-wrt (at least I couldn't get it to work)

Setup Tips:

1) Enabling Explicit and Implicit Beamforming improved my wireless devices that where in rooms away from the route
​2) Specify the Wireless channel for each Antenna. I had problems when I had each antenna set to Auto
​3) If you are only using Wireless N and NOT AC set channel width to 40MHZ
​4) If you have 5g N and AC clients set one Antenna to 40MHZ for the N and set the other to 80mhz for AC . This will allow maximum speed for each connection type

I am in NO way an expert so take everything I say with a large grain of salt. All I can tell you is these changes really made my router come alive!

Arthur Lee



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Thanks good tips, I will run

Thanks good tips, I will run these through tomorrow.


I have a phantom SSID (DD-WRT the default) appearing but not configured in my router so i cant get rid of it or set security on it, maybe this will work.

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Can i ask where the option

Can i ask where the option "nvram reset" is?

I have strange led behaviour and id like to try this. My Wifi led/WPS led and internet led are not on even tho it seems to be working ok.