dd-wrt kong r22200 on Asus RT-N16 can't get >144 mbps

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dd-wrt kong r22200 on Asus RT-N16 can't get >144 mbps

Using this firmware: http://www.desipro.de/ddwrt/K26/r22200/kingkong-nv32k-broadcom.bin

Everything has been reset to factory defaults, router can't get higher rate than 144 mbps.

Using InSSIDer I see it is using a single channel (channel 1).  At this point I have not changed a single setting.


Going into the settings, I changed two screens:


1. Wireless -> Basic Settings

changed to "N-Only"

Wireless channel = 6

channel width = 40

extension channel = lower

wireless SSID broadcast = disable


2. Wireless Security

security = wpa2 personal

algorithm = AES

passkey = entered my passkey


These changes don't seem to make any difference.  The rate is still 144 mbps.


Going back to Asus default firmware "version" from their website, I changed the settings to match the same as the ones above:


inSSIDer shows channel 6+10, max rate 300 mbps, so everything works as it should.


Doing a file transfer shows the rate is almost double the speed as the DD-WRT KingKong firmware.


Can someone recommend a way to get DD-WRT KingKong on Asus RT-N16 router to get the 300 mbps rate which is possible on stock firmware?  All my other settings are at default.


Thank you!

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Hello, thank you for

Hello, thank you for responding!

I have "Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN" wireless card on my laptop.  With the stock Asus firmware, it runs at 300 Mbps Speed.

With the DD-WRT firmware, it drops to 144 Mbps at best, although the number fluctuates between 116 and 130.

Based on your advice, I went into the driver advanced properties.  The "802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4" has two settings: Auto or 20 Mhz.  It is already set to Auto.


I also went ahead and deleted the Wifi profile and re-created it (in Windows "Manage Wireless Networks").

Still stuck at 144 Mbps.  It runs at 300 when the router is put back on stock Asus firmware so I don't think it is my wireless adapter on my PC.

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On stock firmware:    

On stock firmware:



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Actually I did two NVRAM

Actually I did two NVRAM resets. First when I uploaded the dd-wrt firmware, for the question "After flashing, reset to" --> I set it to "Reset to default settings".

Then after it reboots, I connect to it and did it again in the Factory defaults tab.

Thanks for helping. My question is has anyone actually run DD-WRT on Asus RT-N16 in 300 mbps mode, 40Mhz channel, and verified by looking in InSSIDer?

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Current drivers will now

Current drivers will now check if your neighborhood is crowded with other wireless units. If that's the case it will not use wide mode to cover 40Mhz.

You can find some explanation here:


40Mhz works fine at my place:-)

In Addition to that try channel=auto and width=auto

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I'm actually having a hard

I'm actually having a hard time getting it above 195 on either 2.4 or 5ghz on this router with the new kong firmware. Stock firmware it is 300 (not the 450 I was expecting, but still at 300) at default settings. After endless hours of adjustment I can't get anywhere near that on either band with the DD-WRT firmware. Help.

Note this is on an empty 5ghz band so I don't believe the fat channel fallback is an issue. Thoughts? N only, NA Mixed, Mixed all result in slower rates on dd-wrt than stock. Upper and lower channel extensions on 40Mhz within the 5ghz range without any neighboring channels produces the same result. Depending on the combination I get either 75, 144, 195 max rates on either band.

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I recently did some extended

I recently did some extended wireless testing with professional equipment. This helped to spot and fix a few issues. Among these issues were fallbacks to lower rates. With the tests I was also able to improve wireless throughputs on K3 builds. I compared wireless throughput to oem fw on a few models. DD-WRT now outperforms any other firmware if it comes to wireless throughput. My latest K3 builds and also latest fractal builds include these improvements. I don't do any K26 builds anymore but since my features are now included in official dd-wrt releases you can just choose one of these.

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If I manage to flash the

If I manage to flash the "official" 3.X dd-wrt onto the RT-N16, can I then flash the 3.X kong build onto it?