DD-WRT Saves the Day

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DD-WRT Saves the Day

I have an R700 that was just really biting it when it comes to wireless speeds.  Wired speedtests showed around 170Mbps.  Wireless showed, at best, 29Mbps.  No matter what I did, or what I changed.  

Flash forward:  Flashed it to DD-WRT.  My very first speedtest got 72 Mbps,.  Thanks, DD-WRT!

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I just did the same with a

I just did the same with a R6300 and afterwards everything was connecting and goind faster.
Go to love it! :)

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I also want to say THANK YOU

I also want to say THANK YOU for dd-wrt. I didn't compare speeds, but at least now I can be reasonably sure that my router isn't a spyware device.

My one requestion / question:

Has anyone worked on getting Zoneminder running on this?

The 7000 certainly has plenty of CPU for it. It's easy enough to plug in USB flash storage. The whole thing can run comfortably on a small UPS. In short, it's ideal for Zoneminder.

The problems that I see are that Zoneminder has many dependencies which could be difficult to get into the build.

Anyway, I looked around and didn't see anyone even attempting this, so maybe it's not practical.