DD-WRT on WNR3500L Bridging with WNR2000v1

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DD-WRT on WNR3500L Bridging with WNR2000v1

I have both a WNR3500L running DD-WRT and a WNR2000v1 running the latest netgear firmware.  My WNR3500L is connected to my cable modem and is the main router in my house.  I'd like to setup the WNR2000 as a repeater to connect my A/V Receiver and DirectTV DVR in my media room.  I was able to get this to work using the stock firmware on both units, but I've been unable to get it to work with DD-WRT on the WNR3500L.  Does anybody know if this will work?  I believe since my WNR2000 is a v1 and not a v2, I can't install DD-WRT on the WNR2000.

When it's configured, I can see the entry for the WDS repeater on the wireless status page, but the signal strength is 0.