DDNS - Opendns.org on R7000

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DDNS - Opendns.org on R7000

Just got my new R7000 installed today and for the time being I'm using the stock firmware. 

One thing I noticed that doesn't work is dynamic DNS with the Opendns.org service. It will use their name servers of course, but the router won't log into their site / service, therefore the stats don't get collected. I also cannot use any dynamic dns other than the three in the pull down menu.

Is there a workaround? 

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I don't know about the

I don't know about the capabilities of the stock firmware, but I use XWRT-Vortex and DNS-O-Matic (run by OpenDNS) to get set up.  If the stock firmware supports it,  this might solve your issue.


Good luck