define folder for FTP on USB HDD

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define folder for FTP on USB HDD

Hello everybody,
I use Kong mod of DD-WRT  (DD-WRT Kong Mod USB/FTP/miniDLNA/Samba3 build 15758)

How can I setup FTP for more users. I'm able to create user accounts but they can see root folder on external USB hard drive. In Files Directory I can choose only /jffs or /mnt ... I don't know how can I setup only one folder on USB HDD for FTP - other folders must be hide for FTP users.
If it is not possible I can use other USB device for FTP, but I don't know how can I mount one device as /jffs and other as /mnt. 
I use USB HDD as storage for media (DLNA) and documents so it is necessary define privat and public (FTP) folders.

Thank you for advices