Did I buy the right thing?

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Did I buy the right thing?

Hi... I have an existing wireless router.  What I wanted was a product that is basically a wireless receiver if you will... That would, receive a wireless signal (without having to be hard wired) to the other router, that could then, allow me to plug in my TIVO and XBOX 360.

 Does the WGR614L allow me to do this?  Does it act like a reciver of the existing wireless signal without having to be hardwired to the other (existing) router?


I found this URL which explains things,


It says to download the software shown at this URL, however, when i click on the following link


I keep getting access denied - You cannot access this download at this time.

What do I need to do in order to get access to this software? 




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You can do this, but I

You can do this, but I recommend using the Tomato firmware. I was unable to get the DD-WRT to be a reliable wireless bridge.


Then once you get it on your router, go here to info on how to configure it:

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It looks like that tomato is

It looks like that tomato is for linux only? is there a windows version?

Rather.. I have a windows OS.. Can I still download the Linux firmware onto my windows OS and get it onto the router? OR do I need a windows based set of firmware?