Did I setup dd-wrt right? New to DD-WRT. Netgear R7000

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Did I setup dd-wrt right? New to DD-WRT. Netgear R7000

Hi All


I am completely new to DD-WRT.

I have always wanted to use dd-wrt for a long time but didn’t have a compatible router until now.

I recently bought a R7000 and installed ddwrt on it. I used this web page and followed the instruction.

I wanted to check my setting to see if I have set it up right or not.

Router Model: Netgear R7000

Firmware Version: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (02/26/15) kongac - build 26365M

Kernel Version: Linux 3.10.69 #348 SMP Tue Feb 24 23:51:37 CET 2015 armv7l

My set is like this:

Sky Router with Built in ADSL modem ( ---> R7000 (  ----> WLAN & LAN

I noticed in the R7000 it says my WAN IP:, so its not taking my external IP.

When I use DDNS, it directs my DDNS address to and not my external IP.

Port forwarding does not seem to work

I plan to connect it to a VPN service which i have bought, they have sent me a script but I don’t know how to enter it.

IPv6: Disabled

DDNS: Disabled (When i try to set it, it routes my DDNS to, not my external IP)

MAC Address Clone: Disable

Operating Mode: Gateway

VLANs: Default

Networking: : Default

Etnernet Over IP Tunneling: All Disabled

Radius: Disable

WiFi Seurity: both WAP2 and AES and 3600s key renewal

Wireless MAC Filter: both disabled

WL0 & WL1: Advanced & WDS: Default


All service but Telnet: Disabled

SPI Firewall: Enabled


Block Anonymous WAN Requests (ping)
Filter Multicast
Filter WAN NAT Redirection
Filter IDENT (Port 113)
Block WAN SNMP access