difference between wnr3500 models

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difference between wnr3500 models


I'm interested to buy a wn3500 but i saw different type of this router:

  • WNR3500-100PES (about 90 euro)
  • WNR3500-100FSS (about 160 euro)

while in this site you speak about WNR3500L, what's the difference between these models?

 and, I know that it can't handle 5 GHz freq, do this influence the speed or the range?



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FSS with instructions for

FSS with instructions for France, Spain, Benelux.

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I was wondering if the

I was wondering if the "WNR3500-100NAS" is a north american version? Would it be possible to flash it with DD-WRT? Thanks!

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The biggest differens is that

The biggest differens is that all except WNR3500L excists. 3500L is like Jesus - everybody talks about him but now one has seen him.