DMZ/Port Fwd Broken on DD-WRT for WNDR3400v2

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DMZ/Port Fwd Broken on DD-WRT for WNDR3400v2

Hello all!

I just wanted to start out by saying this is my first post here so if this thread isn't in the correct forum, just let me know.  I couldn't find a forum for the WNDR3400v2 so I thought posting in the DD-WRT forum might apply just as well.

Anyway I have a WNDR3400v2 which I flashed to DD-WRT last month with the most recent firmware I discovered for it on this site.  I have been working with DD-WRT on WRT54gxxx routers for nearly 8 years so I'm well versed in it. 

Everything had been going great until I was doing some torrenting for linux ISO's when I noticed a problem.  My torrent Client (vuze & utorrent) indicated I was having NAT issues.  I was never able to upload and connect to peers like I had in the past.  So being the tech I am, I first checked my port range forwarding settings.  Those are correct.  I then went and set DMZ.  Lastly I tried on a laptop next to me, changed the port forwarding/dmz settings for that one, and still no change.

Lastly, I unplugged my WNDR3400v2 and hooked up an old WRT54GS with the same dd-wrt configuration.  I flashed it to the latest dd-wrt from July `14.  Immediately I began seeding at normal upload speeds.

So it appears that something is broken in the dd-wrt for the WNDR3400v2 as found here on this site.  I'm not sure if others have had this issue, who to report it too, or if there will ever be another version of it come out for this router....?