DNSCrypt on Voxel R7800 firmware best servers to use?

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DNSCrypt on Voxel R7800 firmware best servers to use?



I have DNSCrypt configured using Voxel's latest firmware for my R7800 and created the conf file that holds the list of servers to use. 


So I found that github page with a list of servers but not sure which was best and as I live in the US I selected a few  US based 

servers such as UsNorth and useast, and ussouth. My last pick was Ventricle.us (run by my second cousin - small world!). 

Anyhow Leaktest is showing that its using Ventricle as opposed to the other servers that were listed first. 


Only thing is I feel like a 1/4 second lag. Are there better DNS resolvers out there? 



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Try stubby add-on with

Try stubby add-on with Cloudflare (set by defailt after installation).



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