download from internet to router is slow

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download from internet to router is slow

Hi guys!


 I am recently experiencing a curious problem. My router is used as switch (WAN is turned off), a computer is connected to one of the lan ports, so is the network cable to the main router:

TP-LINK ROUTER<------ethernet---->(lan) WNR 3500L(switch) (lan)<--------------> PC


A download from internet to PC and upload from PC to my WNR's FTP server are flawless. Unfortunaltely, when I am starting direct download to external USB HDD drive of the router (e.g. by using ftp of wget), the download is extremely slow (200kbps, whereas when i use PC is grows up to 3 MBps). I suppose it is not because of HW limitations of the router, because I can upload to it via FTP with up to 10MBps speed.

QoS is turned off, BTW.

Do you have an idea, what is the issue?



PS. I'm @work now, but as soon as I return home I can provide some more info about the setup.