ExpressVPN with R8000/DD-WRT (Kong's 10-26-15)

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ExpressVPN with R8000/DD-WRT (Kong's 10-26-15)

Hi.  I have tried to use ExpressVPN with the R8000, following ExpressVPN's setup instructions - but i loose WAN connectivity when I enable the OpenVPN client on the router.  I hope someone can help resolve.  Thanks in advance...

The details:

1) ExpressVPN provides detailed instructions for setting up on DD-WRT, and I've used it successfully on an different router, flashed with the DD-WRT BIG build.

2) on the R8000, the VPN screen is different than the VPN screen on the "BIG" build.  The differences I see on the screen are:

a) The ExpressVPN setup shows a box called "MSS-Fix/Fragment across the tunnel", with a value of "1450". That box does not appear on the DD-WRT screen.

b) DD-WRT now has a text box called "PKCS12 key". This box does not show in the ExpressVPN setup instruction.

c) DD-WRT now has a text box called "Static Key". This box does not show in the ExpressVPN setup instructions

d) DD-WRT now has radio button for "User Pass Authentication" - I have this disabled.

3) ExpressVPN's OPVN configuration file contains 3 keys:  TLS Auth, CA Cert and Public Client Cert.  I've pasted those keys into to the DD-WRT's corresponding boxes ("TLA Auth Key", "CA Cert" and "Public Client Cert".)

4) when I enable the OpenVPN client,  WAN connectivity is lost. Using Chrome, Web pages report "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT".

5) As a test, I left the OpenVPN client enabled, but removed the key from the "TLS Auth Key".  That maintained full connectivity, but without a VPN - it acted as if the VPN was disabled.

I would be greateful for any assistance.  I am only moderately technical, and VPN is outside my skill set, so apologies in advance if i need too much handholding.  




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I am having ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT problem in my Pc.

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Had similar problem:

Had similar problem:

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