Failed to Flash the R7500v2

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Failed to Flash the R7500v2

I tried to flash my R7500v2 to DD-WRT from stock firmware by using 'R7500v2-factory-to-ddwrt.img' but failed.  My router just couldn't boot up and it was bricked.  I have to use TFPT to restore my router to stock firmware.  Then, I have tried couple old version of 'factory-to-ddwrt.img' and even tried TFTP directly to the router, but  my router just wouldn't boot up.  Then I tried to flash OpenWRT and it works but unstable.  

I really want to run DD-WRT with my router.

Can someone help me with this?  Is there a way to find out what causing the problem?  It looks like I am the only one has problem flashing DD-WRT firmware, :(