Fimware DD-WRT for R8000. 28-11-2014

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Fimware DD-WRT for R8000. 28-11-2014

Hello friends,

I wanted to tell them the inconveniences I had with the latest version of 11.28.2014.

1) Take a backup of the previous firmware and then restore to the new, however it did not work and I had to re configure again the router completely.

2) This installation the DNLA did not work, I can not see any music video or photos. Please could you tell me how to lift the DNLA service or check?


3) I Can not do port forwardin to remote desk.. port 3389 to 3390 both. 

Why ? I dont know, with the firmware old y can perfectly.. if can to help me please!!


The work we are doing is fantastic and my opinion is constructive ..


Thank you very much,Christian

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Restore Configuration backup, DNLA and Port Forwarding all are working fine with this firmware. I have not found any notable issues.
Could you please elaborate the settings that you are running in DDWRT firmware for the above issues mentioned?


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Could someone please post

Could someone please post their config settings with both radios bonded?

I tried the current version and had really slow wifi speed.

Also, was their a fix for WAN throughput?

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Hello Every One,

Hello Every One,

1. I Have Netgear Nighthawk X6 (R8000) With DD-WRT Firmware.

2. Unfortunately I change overclocking setting from 1000MHz to
1400MHz now the router boots but I can't find Wifi Network or when I
plug the wire mannualy I can't ping the default gateway which is and even I can't  access GUI.

3. Any Suggestion what should I do, Is it possible to fix the issue by flashing the nvram?

Please Help some one. Thanks..