Firmware Availability for Netgear D6400

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Firmware Availability for Netgear D6400

Dear all Forum member.

I'm user of a brand new NETGEAR D6400 Router 

ADSL/VDSL, Wifi AC, .....

I am looking for an open firmware version (DDWRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, etc...) for this router.

Did any of you ever saw that ?

Thanks by advance

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Me too.

Me too.

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There is one ddwrt build

There is one ddwrt build based on revision 27261.  It was released July '15.  You can find it in the downloads section here.


It's not worth the download though in my opinion...there are 5GHz issues and other bugs.


Netgear has all but abandoned the R6400 with official I've been hoping for more 3rd party support...but 3rd party support seems to be abandoned as well.


I've only had this router for a few months, and the price on it has dropped over $75 within that that should tell you all you need about how this router is being put out to pasture.


Should have sprung for the r7000 at the time...or better yet, stayed with Asus, who actually updates their firmware regularly these days.


I mean, all we can do is hope...Can't really complain when I contribute nothing to the scene.  I just appreciate the work of others, and hope the 6400 gets some renewed attention one of these days.

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Same here, I'm waiting for an

Same here, I'm waiting for an update for this unit.

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Where would I the build

Where would I the build revision 27261?


I've stopped using DSL so this router is really usless to me for use other than as a switch


I'd like to modify it just to provide PPTP support (so i can use VPN). I don't need any bells and whistles other than that.


Any help would be great!

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You may want to flash that

You may want to flash that router still because of the new threat released that allows people to control your Netgear router remotely. They can issue Telnet commands by simply knowing your IP number. 

I'm searching for compatible firmware because a friend of mine has this router, doesn't want to be subjected to attacks, and invested a good sum for this router and would like to use it to its fullest capabilities.

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To elaborate. The entire

To elaborate. The entire Netgear 6000 and 7000 series are subject to this exploit, and they are researching to find if the 8000 series is subject as well. They have known about the exploit for 4 months and have not yet released a firmware update, but the exploit has been made public. 

The best way to continue using this hardware is to flash it with third-party firmware at this specific time.