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Firmware comparison chart????


I have been looking for a new wireless N router which flexible feature. Some of the features that I look for included NAS function (multiple external USB drives, minimal FTP server/file sharing, lower power usage, torrent download (even though I never use it but it would be nice to have the flexibility for the future), auto download for Megaupload thru jdownloader, auto upload photo, video to website site like facebook, flicker or anything like it, etc. I look at different option, such as Seagate Dockstar with some wireless N router, D-link DIR-685, numerous Linksys routers with USB HDD/printer support, FONERA 2.0N (which seems to be very sweet router with a lot of features) etc..

It seems that there is no such router out there, but a close compromise is an open source router with the ability to add apps later. At this point, I found the Netgear WNR3500L. I learned that its firmware be upgraded with opensource firmware. However, I do not know if the difference between the 3. Is there a comparison chart for the 3 open firmwares? How close is the opensource feature to the FONERA 2.0N? I like what FONERA 2.0N firmware has to offer but I concern about the reliability of it, therefore looking at more conventional router hardware brand. Thank you very much.

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We have a compatibility chart

We have a compatibility chart available on the site (did you try the search function?) It might be a bit outdated as all the firmwares have been updated since its creation, but it would be a good place for you to start.

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@fantoma You should probably

@fantoma You should probably take a look at the Pogoplug at

It has a lot of those options built in and you can add other 3rd party programs as needed. I would be hesitant to have my router taxed to do all that stuff and remain reliable.

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The fonera 2.0n allows the

The fonera 2.0n allows the upload of 3rd party scripts;
the sourcecode is available and easy to self-compile & flash

An Italian has made the necessary changes to make it IPV6 (aiccu) and also updated to the latest Transmission client.

Nobody has yet replaced the existent Rapidshare lua application with jDownloader...

it has a "printer" plugin that allows usb printing

it even has a "webcam" plugin and someone made a plugin from "motion" (although you could also just install the motion package)

The Fonera 2.0n is binary compatible with all packages (except kernelmod's)
from openwrt :

it would be great if the would be compiled to "netgear"

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Thank you very much for all

Thank you very much for all the responses. I was searching using different keyword so I found nothing. I only can hope that fonosfera would compiled to "netgear". Thanks.

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check http://www.myopenrouter


now use that guide to compile your wnr3500l openwrt firmware...did you succeed?
now overwrite it with a version from svn co
cd openwrt
make menuconfig
check if you can still select "netgear" as destination?
make V=99