Firmware doesn't see .chk file it wants a .img file

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Firmware doesn't see .chk file it wants a .img file
  1. OK, so I installed the initial firmware for my AC1900 (R6900V2) with Release V1.1.0.24_1.0.1. Do I just have a router the WW-DRT firmware won't work with because it's only looking for a .img file it won't see a .chk firmware? I've done the 30-30-30 and restarted the router, after installing Netgear's original firmware. Am I doing something wrong or should I just give up and accept that I won't be able to use the features that I  know a Kong firmware would give me? I know the firmware is for an R7000 but in my GUI for the router, it specifically says AC1900 so I thought I would be able to use the R7000 since it is also an AC1900?
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My best guess is that it isn

My best guess is that it isn't supported... yet. It seems to be a fairly new model... I can't find a lot of info on it. Lately Netgear has put out identical or similar routers and slapped different numbers on it. It is becoming quite confusing. I know that the original 6900 models were Costco routers... might just be a matter of time...