Firmware R7300DST

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Firmware R7300DST

Hey everyone,


I had bought a Netgear Nighthawk R7300DST a several days ago. Can I use open source firmware R7000 or R7500 for R7300? Because I want to use bridge mode or Vlan tag group (Vlan/IPTV set up). Howevers, when I use this function, it doesn't have internet.

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I'm also looking into

I'm also looking into replacing stock software with opensource.

This is what I see for the AC1900 DST  - R7300

CPU : Broadcom BCM4709A
2.4 GHz : Broadcom BCM4360
5 GHz : Broadcom BCM4709A


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Is anything under development

Is anything under development to enable the R7300DST to be flashed?

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Ditto leb686

Ditto leb686

Any intended releases for Netgear R7300? Will not work with R 7000. Any thread about Kong and 7300

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2016.08.26. Friday 12:11:   re:  dd-wrt  by Kong wrote  R7000 build won't work on the R7300,

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Since I received a bit of debug info from a R7300 user. I can confirm that, the R7000 build won't work on the R7300, burning the R7000 boardid to the R7300 can permanently damage yourunit. Unlike the R6700 which is identical to the R7000, this unit has a few differences that require proper detection+ customization. A sample unit is required in this case.
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2016.08.26. Friday 12:11:   re:  dd-wrt  by Kong wrote  R7000 build won't work on the R7300,