Help needed with Cascading routers setup

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Help needed with Cascading routers setup

Goal: two separate networks . network 1 is for private . network 2 is for doing PC-repair on machines that are not mine and could be infected.  Another seperate IP is not an option atm unfortunatally!

Setup:  modem>>main router 1 : Netgear R7000 with latest Kong DD-WRT build, connected to intenet>>switch>>router2= linksys 54GL with latest DD-WRT

router 1 :

router 2:


If I hook up a device to network 2  I'm not able to see devices connected to network 1 via Windows. But I can reach the webinterface of said devices via the browser. mmmmm

I'm skipping a lot of step I suppose.  How can I make it that network 2 doesn't have acces to network 1 and only uses router 1 for the internetconnection.  What

What commands do I need to add to router 1? Is what I want even possible? And if so....... how?

Maybe someone can help me?