HELP! In Port-Forwarding HELL!!!

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HELP! In Port-Forwarding HELL!!!

I am getting desperate here in MT! I have a N300 Wireless Router WNR2000v2, and I am having so much problems with dropped downloads, really, really, really slow download speeds! Especially when I download shows on my Ares program, but it is averaging 25mb/s, when I am supposed to be way more since I upgraded just last week to double what the usual money-draining-only-provider in the area of an Indian Reservation I live on. I know nothing about setting up port forwarding. I am pretty handy running, and fixing problems on my pc apps, but I am much better fixing people. I have been an R.N. for quite a while now, so if anyone needs good health care advice from a nurse's opinion, and you know how to fix my problem PLEASE respond!

Seriously though if you need any Healthcare help I would not turn helping anyone away. I am actually thinking about starting an Internet-based Nursing Healthcare business. I have 20 yrs experience myself, and my sister who is fast approaching finishing up her MSN-RN Degree, it is sommething that if you are any type of licensed nurse please contact me thru this thread, even if we don't make money at first look at the ignorant website I paid a supposed Electrician $40 to try to help solve a simple which type of breaker do you run your dryer and water heater on, and I am still waiting for their final verdict. It is because people are doing so much on their own now, and Nurse'''''s with the right degree can actually be your primary healthcare provider now, and as nurses(no matter the health care setting) set up all consults, do your actual assessments (hospitals, Rehab Centers, Assisted Living and Nursing Home type settings). You get my drift, and I am going off topic.

So anyone savvy enuf to try to help me would be greatly appreciated. I didn't even know that something like port forwarding existed until about 2 mnths ago. I certainly didn't know it could help me, as I have had this Internet Service Prvider since 1995, when people only had computers with CD-Rom drives only (I think?). It would be awesome right now while I am on break from finishing up my advanced nursing degree. When I can enjoy some me time on my pc for a little while.