Help selecting a firmware for R7000

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Help selecting a firmware for R7000

I little history with my problem.

I'm a laptop gamer, and try to keep as untethered as possible.  I've been using an R7000 for a while, and it's treated me great, really happy with it (primarily using the dual band radio).  I also have a wireless logitech G930 headset, and the two play fine together.  My new home is a bit of a black hole for cellular signal, so we've got a signal booster, and also a toddler that we've picked up a wireless monitor for (it provides it's own wireless signal, it doesn't use our router).  As best as I can tell through trial and error (taking turns turning things off) the monitor and the signal booster conspired to cause my headset to frequently cut out.  None of the devices are configurable; I'm not entirely sure how the booster works, but the monitor uses FHSS and the headset is hardcoded to use channel 6 (both monitor and headset are 2.4ghz).

I tried a couple other wireless headsets in the 2.4ghz range and nothing seemed to work.  I've now picked up a new Astro A50 headset that works in the 5.8ghz range.  As soon as I plugged it in, it murdered network performance for every device using the 5ghz SSID.  From speaking with their support, it uses channels 149-161 (again, not configurable).  Here lies the crux of my question.

Using the stock firmware I was able to select channel 48, and at first glance everything played nice, but I noticed I was getting higher packet loss on 5ghz channel 48 than I was on 2.4ghz.  Wikipedia tells me that there are a ton of channels between 48 and 149, but I'm unable to select them using the stock firmware.  Which firmware would better serve me in resolving this problem?  I've used tomato in the past and been pretty happy with it, and am mostly a ddwrt neophyte.

Since I've seen some posts making commentary on the USB reliability/performance on the R7000 with custom firmware, I'll say I'm not currently using it, but I might like it to be an option one day.

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys might be able to offer.

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Thank you for the well written problem description.
The only things missing are actual code versions for the firmware of the router & the country you operate in.

This might not be what you want but have you thought about getting a wired headset for you & the laptop?
Since your at the laptop playing your games at the same time you are wearing the headset (assumption) then you really could correct your issue with a simple change.

If however a wired headset just isn't in the cards then I suggest you try changing the wifi country code/regulatory region you run in the firmware.
Generally either US, England or Germany.
Depending on which code you use, it opens certain channels based upon regulation.

Also, have you set your 5ghz wifi to 80+80 (VHT) channel width? This may or maynot help.
Though in stock firmware you may not see the channel width selection. It might be an auto feature. In ddwrt & tomato you can highly customize the wifi.