Help with VLANs - Configuration via TELNET/SSH

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Help with VLANs - Configuration via TELNET/SSH

Hello, everybody.

Sorry to bother you but would like the help of someone with more theoretical and practical experience than me. I have a Netgear R7000 Nighthwak with a DD-WRT kong firmware build dated as April 2014.

I want to use DDNS (DynDNS through) to access 4 IP security cameras through different IP addresses and different ports (,, and 192.168 .1.45: 884), thus I can access the cameras using a external URL as registered via DDNS (eg .:

But recently I migrated my ISP to a new one that uses PPoE and VLANs to provide internet access and IPTV sevice via Fiber to Home (FTTH): VLAN 10/0 (PPoE) for Internet Access and VLAN 20/3 (Static IP) for IPTV.

I would need some help to get an answer for the following question for which I would like to thank you in advance: what would be the procedure and commands via Telnet or SSH on the R7000 to set up DDNS and VLANs 10/0 (tagged, WAN PPoE) and 20/3 (tagged, Static IP)? I ask this because it seemsn the GUI interface of DD-WRT on the R7000 is not complete and does not allow to assign fixed address for VLAN 20 (IPTV) and assign VLAN 10 tagged to the WAN port with PPPoE - I understand it's not a HW limitation, but just a GUI limitation.

Thanks in advance and I'm waiting for a response!